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Resurge Supplement Reviews Where to Buy Resurge? If sugar in the past was scarce, today there is much more. Each person consumes more than 34 kilograms of sugar annually, which means that the daily amount of sugar per person ranges between 90 - 100 grams. The World Health Organization recommends that the amount not only exceed 25 grams, equivalent to about 6 teaspoons per day. In order to reduce sugar consumption and prevent diseases like diabetes or obesity, more and more people are trying to replace refined sugar with available alternatives.

Sugar substitutes In this Resurge Supplement Reviews article, you will learn about sugar substitutes, how to use them with food, what benefits they offer and whether alternatives are more beneficial than white sugar?



Carbohydrates are the most important nutrient in sugar, as sugar molecules are composed of monosaccharides (glucose and fructose), bisaccharides (sucrose, lactose and maltose), and other sugars (starch and glycogen).

The term "hidden sugars" refers to sugars such as glucose, fructose and sucrose that are added to foods by producers, chefs, or consumers. It also covers natural sugars like honey, fruit juices and fruit concentrates. Sugar in fresh fruits and vegetables and milk is excluded from hidden sugars.

We obviously consume a lot of sugar in our diet, so let's look at the numbers for Germany:

The daily consumption of sugar per person in Germany ranges between 90 - 100 grams (that is, about 22 - 24 teaspoons).
WHO recommendations aim to reduce sugar intake to 5% of total consumption or about 25 grams (6 teaspoons).
Difficult to achieve this goal, the German Food Association (DGE) recommends a maximum of 50 grams (12 teaspoons) of sugar per day.
According to the German Food Association, it is recommended to reduce sugar intake by about half.
This does not mean just reducing the sugar in coffee and other drinks, as hidden sugar is found in many prepared foods and sugary drinks (such as soft drinks, lemon juice and iced tea), baked foods and sweets. It is often difficult for the average consumer to recognize sugar this way in food, as it can be hidden behind many names on the ingredient list. In addition to sucrose, glucose, fructose, lactose, maltose and raffinose, terms such as dextrose, maltose extract, starch syrup, maltodextrin and sweet whey powder are used.

Why should sugar consumption be reduced?
Sugar-rich foods give us a lot of energy, but on the other hand they contain very few nutrients. For example, tooth decay is a direct result of consuming sugar and poor oral health.

Max Rubner Institute experts confirmed that the increase in the consumption of added sugars and sugar-sweetened drinks is associated with an increase in energy consumption and an increase in body weight. Not only that, increased sugar consumption increases the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes, in fact, the main sources of added sugars are sweets, fruit juices, and soft drinks, for example, a cup (200 ml) of cola drink contains about 20 grams Of sugar, as consuming half a liter of it leads to a maximum of 50 grams of sugar per day.

The health effects of sugar consumption are still controversial among scientists. If people consume it in moderate amounts, then sugar is not harmful and does not cause problems. So the problem is the amount of people's consumption, not just its consumption.

White sugar
When we talk about sugar, we mean refined white sugar. This sugar is mainly obtained from sugar beet and cane sugar. There are different names for sugar according to the raw material, the external appearance, composition and type of treatment (brown sugar - beet sugar - palm sugar and others).

Compared to sugar substitutes, refined sugar contains many calories (400 calories per 100 grams of it).

"Sugar substitutes" generally include all sweeteners and natural substitutes (syrup - honey). In more detail, sugar substitutes are among the sweeteners classified as food additives. Because of the low caloric content, these sweeteners are used in many soft drinks and other products. The use of sugar substitutes for food and drink has also increased in recent years.

According to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), localities approved in the European Union are considered harmless to health if the allowable amount is not exceeded daily. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has not expressed any concern about the use of these sweeteners. However, since high quantities of them can have a laxative effect, sweeteners and foods that contain more than 10% of these sweeteners must show the phrase “it may have a laxative effect if consumed in large quantities”, which is why these Sweeteners should be used with caution as an alternative to sugar.

What are sugar substitutes?
If you want to reduce your sugar intake, but don't want to do without the sweet taste, sugar substitutes will provide you with a good alternative.

With these alternatives available, you can replace refined sugars, the most common sugar substitutes are:

Xylitol (birch sugar)
Coconut Sugar Sugar
Cactus syrup
Coconut syrup
Rice drink
Maple syrup
Natural sugar substitutes
Natural alternatives to sugar are coconut sugar, syrup and honey.

Coconut Blossom Sugar
Coconut sugar is extracted from the nectar of coconut palm trees, and it mainly consists of bilateral sucrose. Therefore, sweetener energy and caloric content (390 calories) roughly correspond to the values ​​of natural sugar. Coconut sugar has a brown color, it is unrefined (untreated) and has no coconut taste. It can be used as a substitute for cooking and sweetening cakes and drinks. However, it should be borne in mind that this sugar has a unique taste that may affect the taste of some recipes.

Coconut flower sugar benefits:

An alternative to natural sugar and raw sugar
It has the same sweetness as sugar
easy to use
Coconut flower sugar disadvantages:

Not suitable for those who want to cut calories
It has a special flavor
Not suitable for fructose intolerant
Drink instead of sugar
Drink or aloe vera juice with a high content of fructose. And the sweetness is slightly higher than normal sugar. However, aloe vera syrup has fewer calories than sugar (about 300 calories). It is less thick than honey and has a sweet taste with a slight caramel scent. Because it is easily soluble, it can be used with milk, tea, coffee, juices and pies.

Coconut syrup can be obtained from coconut juice. Its sweetness is 120%, i.e. higher than normal sugar, it is delicious and flavor is sweeter than natural sugar and has a light caramel flavor. In addition to fructose, this drink has fewer calories than sugar (about 300 calories). This alternative is also ideal for sweetening foods and drinks.

Rice syrup is a traditional sweetener widely used in Japan as a natural substitute for sugar. It does not contain fructose and is suitable for people with fructose intolerance.

Maple syrup is extracted from maple juice and makes up 60% of sucrose. Compared to natural sugar, this drink has a higher sweetening ability and contains less calories.

Is honey a healthy alternative to sugar? As a natural source, honey can be used as a substitute for refined white sugar. However, honey is made up of about 80% sugar and contains almost the same number of calories. Since the sweetness is slightly higher, less honey will be needed to sweeten food and drink than regular sugar. However, honey should be used in moderation as a sugar substitute.

Erythritol is a sugar substitute that is naturally formed and low in some fruits, mushrooms, and fermented foods. For the food industry, this sugar substitute is generally obtained by fermentation. Glucose or sucrose turns into erythritol thanks to the action of yeasts or fungi.

The sweetening power of erythritol equals 70%, and its taste is close to that of sucrose, has a slightly sweet taste and leaves a refreshing effect in the mouth, which is why it is mainly used in the production of chewing gum and candy.

Erythritol does not contain any calories and the glycemic index is equal to zero, therefore, it has no effect on blood sugar levels. In addition, erythritol is metabolized independently of insulin, which makes it suitable for diabetics. Erythritol is a good alternative to natural sugar for people with fructose intolerance, because it is fructose free and does not affect glycogen metabolism.

Compared to other sugar substitutes, erythritol is generally easy to digest. This is because about 90% of erythritol is absorbed from the small intestine and eliminated through the kidneys or urine. Thus the large intestine is bypassed, and this contributes to a significantly reduced laxative effect of most sugar substitutes. However, when consumed in larger quantities (more than 1 gram per kilogram of body weight per day), erythritol can lead to diarrhea and cause abdominal pain bloating.

Regular sugar can easily be replaced with erythritol, whether in food or hot drinks. But in cold drinks, erythritol does not dissolve easily.

Benefits of erythritol:

Does not contain calories
It has no effect on blood sugar and insulin levels
Suitable for diabetics and people with fructose intolerance
Easy to digest compared to other sweeteners
Erythritol defects:

Less sweetened sugar (70%)
It can have a laxative effect during the first period, and if taken in large quantities
It is difficult to dissolve in cold liquids
Xylitol, also known as birch sugar, is a natural sweetener found in small amounts in vegetables, fruits, and bark of some tree species such as birch trees and beech. From an industrial point of view, xylitol is obtained through a technically complex process in which the plant sugars in hardwoods, corn cubes, straw and grain bran are treated. This sophisticated method of production makes birch sugar an expensive alternative to sugar.


With a sweetening power of between 98% and 100%, xylitol has a sweet taste like natural sugar and has a mild refreshing effect on the tongue. Birch sugar is used as sugar on the dining table or in the production of sugar-free gum and sweets.

Xylitol contains about 40% less calories than sucrose at a rate of about 240 calories per 100 grams. The blood sugar level does not increase significantly after consuming foods or drinks sweetened with xylitol, and therefore it is also suitable for diabetics. Another important feature is that it does not harm the teeth. Red Tea Detox

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Best The kibo Code Bonus Ever 2020 In fact, this is a successful idea through which a great financial profit can be made, and it has already been implemented in Switzerland, where a citizen created his own company to start renting cows to those who live in cities so that they can at any time come to visit and check on their cows.

Bee venom extract

Did you ever expect bee venom to have health benefits and eliminate many diseases? In fact, bee venom has many health benefits for the body, it is used in the treatment of many diseases, such as rheumatism, aging diseases and the effects of wrinkles, and it has become widely required by international pharmaceutical companies and research centers to produce a lot of therapeutic and cosmetic preparations, and given its extreme importance is Gram price from 80 to 150 dollars.

The extraction of bee venom is a very difficult matter, especially as it dies once the venom is extracted from it, since the bee guts stick to its sin during the bite process and ultimately leads to the death of the bee immediately. To solve this problem, a modern device was created to extract it so that it does not harm the bees. For the average person extract a lot of bee venom from a single cell.

Project ideas
The bee venom extraction system works with a system of light electrical impulses, as it can be placed on the cell gate and when the device is turned on, the bees feel that there is a penetration process for the cell, and therefore is prepared to defend it and try to bite this device to be exposed to a light electrical charge, which immediately takes out the poison, which sticks to the glass plate placed on the device.

Among the most prominent requirements of the bee venom extraction project:

Providing a safe environment for beekeeping, whether on the roof of the house, in agricultural or desert lands.

Provide a group of wooden cells of not less than 20 cells, and can be expanded gradually later.

Providing protective clothing against bee bites, which will facilitate the entry to the bee farm.

Provide a pulse venom extraction device, as well as eye protection, hand gloves and a nose and mouth mask, for use when scraping the venom from the glass of the electric pulse machine.

Cat cafes
Sometimes, we feel a desire to sit next to animals, in order to feel comfortable and harmonious, which led to the emergence and spread of cat cafes in many foreign countries, and in this regard anyone can create a special cafe project that includes many animals, for example dogs And cats, which is a strange but profitable idea.

Parallel Profits Review New SEO Agency Secrets

Parallel Profits Review New SEO Agency Secrets Many companies and institutions make a great effort to sell their products and increase their profits. Therefore, the people working in the sales department must be fully aware of the assets and sales skills. In the following lines

Parallel Profits Review

Skills, and the art of selling, and how to control it ..? Man has known sales for a long time. The sales process has undergone a lot of changes and developments. The number of companies has increased significantly. Therefore, the competition has intensified. Of course, all companies seek to produce products that meet the needs of customers. Sell ​​them to achieve a high percentage of profits. Selling products is an art that requires a set of skills and capabilities that the individual uses to provide customers with all the information, product details, persuasion, and sales skills.


Parallel Profits


First, the ability to persuade .. The issue of persuading others is not as simple or easy as some people develop, because it requires the person to be confident of himself, and his words, so that he can convince others, and it is worth mentioning that the person who owns The ability to persuade is easy to get a distinctive job in marketing.


Second, reading the ideas of others .. The individual must have the ability to recognize what is going on in the mind of the customer so that he can understand his ideas, and even what is the appropriate timing to talk with the client, and also to leave the opportunity for the Parallel Profits Bonus client to speak, and express his views , And its needs, and it is necessary to listen to the customer with great interest.


Thirdly, we must be honest, committed, adhering to honesty, avoiding deceit, falsifying facts, and adhering to product delivery dates, in order to establish good relations with customers for long periods of time. Among other companies.


Fourth, study the art of selling .. Preferably to seek the person to learn and study everything related to the art of sales, either by reading books related to this area or by joining the courses of learning marketing, and multiple skills, and can also be assisted by an individual with a friend or relatives Who have already studied the materials for marketing, selling during their study period, as well as trying to benefit from people who have previously worked in the field of sales before, as well as the search for a job or training in this Parallel Profits area the beginning to implement what he learned.


Fifth: Study the products you want to sell. It is essential that the individual be aware of all the information and details of the products that he wants to sell, so that he will be ready to explain this information to the customers, so be prepared to answer the questions that will be asked by customers and to answer Without hesitation because the frequency may cause the customer to be ashamed, and also be able to compare the products, and clarify the advantages of the product, and the benefits that the customer will benefit from these features.


Sixth: Retaining Parallel Profits Review customers ... Communicating with customers continuously, and informing them of the new offers and products offered by the company in the market, through a variety of means, e-mail or other means, so that the company ensures that the client deal with them for a long time